EverTrust Realty Advisors (“EVTRS”) is a Texas-based Commercial Real Property Brokerage firm. The company’s corporate office is in Dallas, Texas. The founders of the firm have been involved in the commercial real estate arena since 1973.

EverTrust Realty Advisors provides innovative solutions to the commercial real estate industry. EVTRS proactively seeks lucrative investments predicated on sound financial data.

EverTrust Realty Advisors has an unparalleled and proprietary financial analysis program that develops an industry-unique financial matrix model to effectively evaluate real property investments.

The EverTrust Realty Advisors management team has a proven and distinguished performance track record successfully transacting over $900 million in aggregate sales volume.

EverTrust Realty Advisors builds on the core foundations of honesty, integrity and "out-of-the box" problem solving. EVTRS is both disciplined and systematic in formulating and implementing innovative investment strategies to fully optimize investor economic yield opportunities for discerning real property investors. The firm has developed relationships at all levels of the commercial real estate industry allowing us to function at the local, national, and international level with equal ease.

Four decades of “hands-on” experience in the competitive real estate marketplace has allowed our principals to consistently arrange substantive equity and debt source capital from off-shore and international investors in Hong Kong (China), Tokyo (Japan), and in Seoul (Korea), Saudi Arabia, England and Canada. Additional funding sourcing have been originated from domestic high-net worth investors and private family trusts.


Investment Inquiries

Bruce Marshall
E-mail: Bruce.Marshall@EVTRS.com
Phone: (214) 261-6306

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Our Team
Scott Henderson
Executive Vice President
E-mail: Scott.Henderson@EVTRS.com
Phone: 214.808.4359

Aubrey Ennis
Vice President
E-mail: Aubrey.Ennis@EVTRS.com
Phone: 405.371.8890

Jackson Russell
Vice President
E-mail: Jackson.Russell@EVTRS.com
Phone: 405.200.5080