Our extensive history in income property development, mortgage loan procurement, equity syndication, and commercial construction, affords us unique insights and financial deal point sensitivities that are not always apparent to the average commercial real estate firm.

EverTrust Realty Advisors has proven relationships for proven results. We are on the "cutting edge" and able to consistently offer innovative asset management solutions.

Our individual knowledge of real property solutions, leasing velocity, and maintenance support furnishes the perspective to guide our decisions that focus on creating the superior return on capital and maximum asset value.

We have the edge in mitigating your key property management decisions that contribute to your bottom line. Because of our strong relationships at both the national and international level, we ease the pain of the transaction process by finding the property management firms who can optimize your asset value.

This highly sophisticated analytical approach to real property optimizes your investment dollars. Their strategic management selection and oversight always employs innovative and cost-effective marketing and operational strategies.

It’s a jungle out there… and we are in the trenches with you. We know that a person’s trust is earned…its value can never be compromised.

EVTRS is a seasoned veteran in real property acquisition, disposition and operation. Those experiences often take the bumps out the road for investors before they experience turmoil and capital erosion. EVTRS is ready to assist you in today’s challenging marketplace. We’ve been providing unique creative problem-solving capabilities to our clients for four- and one-half decades. We have developed sophisticated proprietary analytical tools and capabilities that minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

We have perfect the art of balancing the “risk-reward” equation… in our client’s favor. We provide discerning investors a competitive advantage as they contemplate weighty investment decisions.


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Scott Henderson
Executive Vice President
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Aubrey Ennis
Vice President
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Vice President
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