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EverTrust Realty Group The firm is actively pursuing institutional-quality real property acquisitions which range in value from $10,000,000 to $250,000,000. Acquisitions are being targeted in the major metropolitan areas in the states of Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia, California and Washington. Commercial Investment focus is being directed at single-tenant and multi-tenant offices, single tenant internationally-tenanted retail, industrial/industrial flex, and multi-family properties. Over the past five years approximately seventy substantive capital investments have been made in the communities of Dallas, Houston, and Denver and their surrounding metropolitan areas. Other substantial equity investments have been made in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Park Cities, Utah.

The firm has consistently provided both, local and international, investors with an unparalleled experience utilizing unique and proprietary investment modeling tools developed over the past two and one-half decades. The diverse acquisitions of the firm typically involve the placement of capital sourced from a sophisticated investor clientele consisting of high-net worth domestic, off-shore, and international investors. In certain instances, the firm has placed ESOP investment capital into commercial real estate.

EverTrust Capital typically arranges the acquisition through its own corporate identity or a single purpose entity created for the specific property acquisition and fully underwrites the transaction. The firm originates the long term first lien indebtedness on the acquisition and likewise completes the legal and structural due diligence on the deal. Assignments to the Single Purpose Entity are completed after all the due diligence is complete and the transaction is fully vetted. This process is significant for our international investor clientele. In certain limited instances the firm acquires assets with individual principal ownership participation in the ventures and actively directs the day-to-day operations of the investment. In most all instances EverTrust Capital and the principals of the firm remain actively involved in the transaction post-closing from a supervisory and/or advisory/or fiduciary role in terms of operational and managerial control.

Specific and systematic activities involved in our acquisition process include the following:

  • • Project Investment Identification and Deal Procurement on a National Basis

  • • Property Condition Assessment

  • • Solicitation, structuring, and coordination of Debt Financing

  • • Coordination, Solicitation, and Professional Assistance to Mortgagee with the Project Appraiser

  • • Equity Procurement (if required)

  • • Market Condition Assessment and Asset Valuation

  • • Comprehensive Legal Review and Coordination through the entire property acquisition

  • • Property Management Solicitation, Selection, and Coordination from an Asset Management Overview

  • • Quarterly Profit and Loss Review and Operational Evaluations

  • • Property Management Budget Establishment and Evaluations

  • • Annual Property Inspections and Strategy Review and Implementation

  • • Coordination of Leasing Efforts through the Property Management and Leasing Team

  • • Establishment of Effective Financial P&L Reporting Systems on the Asset & Tax Filing Coordination


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