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EverTrust Realty Group EverTrust Realty Advisors is a real estate brokerage entity that is affiliated with the Boston-based SVN International (“SVNI”). Through this SVNI franchisee relationship the firm has the ability to legally transact business throughout the United States. The SVN brand is growing and with over 200 global offices, 1600+ Advisors and staff, and more than $12 Billion in sales and leasing, we have the commercial real estate experience and expertise to meet all of your needs. This affiliation provides EVTRS an excellent and consistent deal flow of quality investment opportunities throughout the country.

The SVN® brand was founded in 1987 out of a desire to improve the commercial real estate industry for all stakeholders through cooperation and organized competition. SVN is now a globally recognized commercial real estate brand united by a shared vision of creating value with clients, colleagues and our communities. When you choose SVN you mobilize the entire SVN organization of experts and all our trusted relationships to act on your behalf. This shared network is the SVN Difference.

Each week SVNI presents a selection of our featured commercial real estate property listings on SVN | Live. Be the first to know when a new property becomes available in your area. Everyone is welcome to join this event.

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Investment Inquiries

Bruce Marshall
E-mail: Bruce.Marshall@EVTRS.com
Phone: (214) 261-6306

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Our Team
Scott Henderson
Executive Vice President
E-mail: Scott.Henderson@EVTRS.com
Phone: 214.808.4359

Aubrey Ennis
Vice President
E-mail: Aubrey.Ennis@EVTRS.com
Phone: 405.371.8890

Jackson Russell
Vice President
E-mail: Jackson.Russell@EVTRS.com
Phone: 405.200.5080